Smoke-free air laws for vaping in LA

Save Vape Los Angeles initiative - E-Cigarette Latest News.

Smoke-free air laws for vaping in LA

Save Vape LA initiative. 
Just recently, the city of Los Angeles voted to add e-cigarettes to existing smoke-free air laws. Unfortunately, this means that now vaping is effectively banned when smoking is prohibited in all areas.

People have already started opposing the vaping ban, with the most notable reaction being the letter sent to the Mayor of LA by John Madden. In his letter, he explained why e-cigarettes are not a threat to public health and asked for the Mayor's assistance in fighting the e-cigarette ban in places where smoking is prohibited.
He argues that the amendment can present a more significant threat to public health, especially smokers' health. This is because banning the e-cigarettes might decrease their efficacy in newer users, who, he explains, still occasionally crave a tobacco cigarette.

He shares his battle with smoking, adding that he felt the urge to smoke whenever he was outside. Not until most of his friends became vapers could he finally release cigarettes.

The e-cigarette ban will incorrectly signal that e-cigs are as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. This is untrue vapes like Airis Puff Bar have been far safer than traditional cigarettes. The amount of volatile organic compounds and trace elements is far below the required safety and recommended limits. These are present even in clean air, so vaping in public will not affect public health.

More than 200 vapers gathered to attend a rally in Pershing Square to support the Save Vape LA initiative sponsored by Gypsy Vapes - GypsyVapes.comThe three keynote speakers, among which was the creator of the world's first e-cigarette in 1963, educated the public on e-cigarettes. Vapers also had the opportunity to record their own IMPROOF testimonial.
The battle for LA might be lost, but there are still ways in which vapers and people opposing the e-cigarette ban can make a difference. Join Gypsy Vapes to protest the ban and email the Mayor of LA to demonstrate your support for Save Vape LA! 


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