Rick And Morty Vape Pen Review


Rick And Morty Battery Pen

The Rick and Morty device is a twist-battery pen that possesses 510 thread connections as well as eGo. Furthermore, it is conceivable to operate with 510 vape cartridges, diverse eGo attachments, and wax vape tanks. What makes the Rick and Morty battery pen so unusual is its arrangement without hesitation, as well as its powerful enough battery of 1100mAh. Furthermore, the composition of the device is remarkable because of its fascinating patterns and shades. Still, these things will be clarified in more detail below, along with other exciting information.

Rick And Morty Vape Pen

Arrangement Details

The Rick and Morty battery pen arrangement is exciting, thanks to the patterns available and its colors. Furthermore, the body of this 510-thread battery is crafted out of pure stainless steel material. A very beneficial thing about the arrangement of this device is how transportable and lightweight it is thanks to its extent and mass [120mm in length, 14mm in diameter, and 38 grams of mass]. Additionally, the ease of usage of this device is caused by its single-button operation. Its power button is not formidable to discover, as it exists in the front face of it right in the middle. Moreover, at the lower part of the Rick and Morty battery pen, observing the rotation wheel that permits you to alter the voltage settings is also straightforward.

Cell Recharging, Safety, And Other 

The Rick and Morty battery pen possesses a capability of 1100mAh. Its cell can be effortlessly recharged without the aid of a user manual by affixing the provided USB charger to an AC/USB adapter. The adapter must possess a maximum output of 5.0V/0.5A. Moreover, the required charging duration for the Rick and Morty battery pen to comprehensively charge is about two hours. Thanks to its overcharge safeness feature, the device will automatically stop charging after its cell is thoroughly charged. 


It is undeniable that the Rick and Morty battery pen possesses various benefits, making it a very reasonable alternative for a vape device. One significant benefit that it has is its capability of 1100mAh. Moreover, its cell is long-lasting. Another huge benefit is its compatibility with all 510-thread battery cartridges and the fact that it operates eGo wax vape tanks. Moreover, nearly every user loves that it is manageable to utilize and maintain. Its portability is a tremendous benefit.


In conclusion, the Rick and Morty battery pen is a reasonable choice, especially for novices, thanks to its easiness of utilization and maintenance. Moreover, reading an instruction guide before utilizing the device [especially for the first time] is invariably a good idea. In case of a malfunction, do not hesitate to ask for the help of someone with experience in this domain. Additionally, only accomplish something with knowledge.

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