Imren 18650 3000mah 20/40A Batteries

Imren 18650 3000mah 20/40A Batteries

Imren 18650 Batteries 3000mAh

The following tests merely reflect my personal ESTIMATED evaluations of the batteries I examined during testing. It is important to note that any battery not originating from reputable manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, Murata, LG, Panasonic, Molicel, or Sanyo can undergo alterations at any given moment. This is one of the risks associated with using "rewrapped" batteries from other producers. Therefore, conducting thorough research on any battery you contemplate using before purchasing is crucial.

Improper handling or misuse of lithium-ion batteries can entail a SIGNIFICANT THREAT of damage to property, personal injury, or even fatality. These batteries should only be utilized within fully protected battery packs, and their usage is entirely at your own risk. It is imperative never to surpass the battery's accurate continuous discharge rating (CDR), avoid exposing it to temperatures below 0°C or above 60°C, and ensure that the plastic wrap and top insulating ring remain impeccable. Never employ a battery that exhibits any physical damage.

Testing batteries under extreme conditions is perilous and should never be attempted by individuals who have not thoroughly studied the associated risks, possess a comprehensive understanding of the hazards involved, have access to appropriate equipment, and take all necessary safety precautions.

Imren Imr 18650

If a battery indicates only one current rating number or solely states "max," like Imren 18650 3500mAh it must be assumed that it is rated at that specific current level for all discharges, including continuous release.

Imren 3000mah Test Results

This battery exhibits satisfactory performance, like other best 18650 batteries comparable to the Sinowatt 30SP, although not on par with the Samsung 30Q or Murata VTC6. I have not conducted tests on its cycle life. For a comprehensive evaluation of how this battery compares to others, please refer to my 18650 Ratings and E-Scores table (link provided below).

Regarding cell-to-cell performance consistency (four cells tested), it is decent but needs to improve the quality seen in cells from major manufacturers. However, the two cells displayed consistent capacities of 3059mAh and 3064mAh, which is commendable.

The 15A continuous rating for this battery seems reasonable, but the 35A pulse/burst rating appears excessively high. Applying a two-second 35A discharge pulse from a fully charged cell caused the voltage to drop to approximately 3.25V.

It remains to be seen whether this 35A rating is based on voltage sag, cell temperature, cycle life, a combination of these factors, or simply the ability of the cell to withstand a few pulses.

If we solely state that the rating is 35A, does it imply that we can continuously pulse the cell at 35A until it is depleted? No, as this would cause the cell to become excessively hot. To utilize the battery properly, it is imperative to understand how the rating was determined and what limitations it entails. Otherwise, the rating holds no practical value.

Certain reputable manufacturers provide higher non-continuous ratings and detailed information on the limits associated with these ratings (e.g., voltage sag, maximum temperature, impact on duty cycle, etc.). It would be beneficial to see Imren follow suit.

Imren Gold 18650

Imren is committed to employing accurate ratings and is willing to eliminate the high pulse/burst/max ratings from its packaging. This is certainly encouraging, but we will need to observe their actions. However, it will take time for Imren to revise the packaging and make it available in the market.

Imren 18650 3000mah 20/40A Batteries | 2-PackImren 18650 3000mah 20/40A Batteries | 2-PackImren 18650 3000mah 20/40A Batteries | 2-Pack

Their continuous ratings appear accurate (additional test reports will be released soon). The other figures concern me, and I eagerly anticipate seeing Imren's steps.

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