MXJO 18650 3500mah Batteries

MXJO 18650 3500mah Batteries 2-Pack

MXJO 3500mAh 18650

To avoid any confusion with eGo-type "batteries," I utilize the term "cell" in this context to specifically refer to a single 18350, 18650, 26650, and so on.

While the test results provide concrete data, my conclusions and recommendations based on these tests solely represent my opinion, determined by my specific criteria for establishing a rating. In addition, is essential to thoroughly research any cell you are considering before purchasing.

Attempting to test cells at their limits is highly perilous. Under any circumstances, it should never be undertaken by individuals who have not extensively studied the associated risks and learned how to mitigate them effectively.

If the cell bears only a single current rating figure or indicates "max discharging current," it must be assumed that the manufacturer asserts the cell's ability to endure discharge at that current level in any manner, including continuous usage.

Final Verdict

This rewrapped cell exhibits exaggerated current and capacity ratings and are identical to the older MXJO 18650 batteries with a yellow wrap claiming "20A 3500mAh." When discharged continuously at its alleged 20A rating, an internal protection mechanism triggers around 100°C, permanently disabling the cell. While this safeguard prevents venting, it renders the cell useless and thus cannot be considered a 20A-rated cell.

The new green/silver wrap displays "Type 1" above "10A CDC" in small print on the rear side of the cell, presumably referring to Continuous Discharge Current. Although I appreciate MXJO for including this rating on the wrap, it is almost concealed and proves practically useless, as very few individuals know what "CDC" signifies. On the front, they prominently showcase a meaningless 20A maximum or pulse rating without mentioning the continuous rating, which could have easily been added. Even if they had retained the continuous rating on the back of the cell, they could have clearly stated "10A Continuous" or even "10A Cont." using significantly larger lettering.

These MXJO cells bear an indistinguishable appearance and performance to the 10A/3300mAh Panasonic NCR18650GA. The 18650 batteries ratings table has been updated to include this cell.

MXJO Battery Review

At 5A continuous, it achieved an approximate capacity of 3135mAh. This is a subpar performance for a 3500mAh cell but falls within the average range for a 3300mAh cell with high internal resistance when operating at 5A. Hence I rate it at 3300mAh.

At 10A continuous, the temperature rose to 63°C. Although this is below the average temperature for a cell operating at its continuous discharge rating (CDR), the capacity has already declined to approximately 1750mAh at 3.2V.

At 15A continuous, the temperature escalated to 95°C. This extremely high temperature unequivocally indicates that we are operating well above the cell's CDR.

At 20A continuous, both cells failed at approximately 100°C. Despite being able to measure some voltage after shutting down, they would not accept a charge and rapidly plummeted to a fraction of a volt, even when discharged at 1A. Both cells were rendered unusable by a single discharge at the cell's claimed 20A rating.

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