The Flowermate CAP PRO: Elevating Portable Vaping to New Heights

The Flowermate CAP PRO: Elevating Portable Vaping to New Heights
Flowermate CAP PRO Review: Upgraded Portability and Enhanced Vapor Quality

Introducing the Flowermate CAP PRO Black Vaporizer, a sleek and powerful device that combines style and performance for an unmatched vaping experience. This dry herb vaporizer is designed as an upgraded version of its predecessors and offers superior performance and convenience. Its larger bowl size means fewer reloads and longer sessions, while the glass-coated stainless steel bowl guarantees a clean and pure vapor for maximum enjoyment. Take control of your vaping experience with complete temperature control, allowing you to customize your sessions perfectly. With its sleek and compact design, the Flowermate CAP PRO is the ideal companion for on-the-go vaping. Elevate your vaping game and indulge in the ultimate portable vaporizer experience with the CAP PRO Flowermate.

Upgraded Features and Bowl Size

The Flowermate CAP PRO is a portable dry herb vaporizer upgraded from the original CAP and G Pen Dash. It has a giant bowl that can hold up to 0.3 grams of flower, about twice the size of the original CAP pro flowermare. The bowl is also glass-coated stainless steel, which helps to produce a purer vapor.

Complete Temperature Control

The CAP PRO has complete temperature control, which allows you to vaporize your herbs at the perfect temperature for your desired experience. The temperature range is 40-230°C (104-446°F), which is wide enough to accommodate a variety of herbs and vaping styles.

Vapor Quality and Mouthpiece Considerations

The vapor quality from the CAP PRO black vaporizer is good, but it could be improved with a more extended glass mouthpiece. The current representative is short, which can make the vapor feel harsh. A more extended voice would cool the smoke and make inhaling more enjoyable.

Battery Life and Portability

The battery life on the CAP PRO flowermate is also good. It can last up to 12 sessions on a single charge, which is enough for most users. The battery is not removable, but it does charge quickly.

The CAP PRO flowermate is a very dry herb vaporizer. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your pocket or bag. It is also very discreet, so you can use it in public without drawing attention to yourself.

Here are some additional details about the Flowermate CAP PRO

  •  It measures 2.4 x 1.3 x 0.8 inches and weighs 90 grams.

  •  It has an OLED display that shows the current temperature and battery level.

  •  It has a cleaning brush, a spare mouthpiece screen, and a user manual.

Here are some pros and cons of the Flowermate CAP PRO


  •  Large bowl

  •  Complete temperature control

  •  Glass-coated stainless steel heating chamber

  •  Good vapor quality

  •  Long battery life

  •  Portable

  •  Affordable


  •  It could be improved with a more extended glass mouthpiece

  •  Not as powerful as some other vaporizers

  •  The battery is not removable

The CAP PRO Flowermate is a Reliable Budget Vaporizer with Room for Improvement

Overall, the Flowermate CAP PRO is a reasonable-budget dry herb vaporizer. It is simple to use, has good vapor quality, and is portable. However, a more extended glass mouthpiece could improve the vapor quality.

If you are looking for a budget dry herb vaporizer that is simple to use and has good vapor quality, the Flowermate CAP PRO black vaporizer is a good option. However, consider a different choice if you are looking for the most potent vaporizer.

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